A Hundred Minus 15 Years

We met at 15.


Seriously, almost all the songs across the globe has it. It is as if the number is enough to be old to meet the one your love, go on a hard turning point in your life, or even take pot!


Anyways, the main reason why this number has played like a trending song in my mind all day is the message i picked up from the masterpiece from FIVE FOR FIGHTING entitled, 100 Years.


I am not bound to say more about life. This whole song explains almost everything. Take time to watch it and meditate. This song has made us, me in particular, to appreciate every single time we have here on earth.


Just like how Hazel Grace said in her eulogy for Augustus Waters, every person has his own infinity. What if your loved one’s forever is up to only today?


Do not waste time. Distance might not be a comforting friend. However, it is an effective instrument to hurt you . . . to make you realize what really matters in life. It is not the career or self-accomplishment . . .  it is the unwanted regrets you may want to work on starting from now.



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Supportive Love


John and Jane

With my pretty Jane ❤


As some of our friends knew, I am a very supportive stage boyfriend of Jane. Despite of the 140-kilometer physical distance with each other while we were still in college, I tried my best to attend all of my love’s important events, though I was not able to attend some of it.

My girl, Jane, used to join pageants before. Yes, you heard it right. It cannot be argued that she has the beauty and brains…well, she has it all. She was given many opportunities to join these kinds of contests, and she never failed to make us all proud of her.

John and Jane

Jane winning Miss GenSan 2012 

One of the biggest pageants Jane joined was the Miss GenSan last September 2012. She won 1st runner-up but everyone calls her Miss GenSan and recognizes her as the grand winner of the pageant. I remember being there for her during pictorials, gathering Facebook likes and text votes, and helping her with everything. It may be a tiring task, but I never felt tired of helping her because I love doing that for her. All the preparations were all worth it, and she made us all very proud of her.

The point here is that when we love someone, we should really show our support to all their endeavors and dreams in life, just as how Jane supported me in some of my life’s greatest events and decisions. She is a very supportive girlfriend, herself, and sacrificed a lot for me to be happy. 

Supporting her is something I love doing in my life because with that, I make her happy. Her happiness matters to me. Seeing her succeed in life and dreams, well, that’s the best feeling in the world. 




Love is an Open Door- Crazies Exposed

People say that when we are in love, we tend to do crazy things.

Well, in our case, that’s undeniable.

This video was filmed few months ago when we have all the time to ride a car, go lip sync and do crazy and funny stuff we find fun and worth laughing. There have been videos becoming viral online because of lip syncing, and we decided to do this craziness ourselves.

Since Jane’s obsession of the movie “Frozen”, one movie we watched during our movie dates, we were able to memorize and sing this duet together. Since we believe that we have to share the love and our talents to our followers, I decided to upload this video, with or without Jane’s consent.

P.S. You can sing with us if you want to. 🙂

The Birth of Expanding Distance (LDR)


Another Sunday, another night, another question and another goodbye.


  1. My Love has to go again . . .


He’s on the phone telling me how he hates the fact that tomorrow he has to sit in a cold bus at exactly three in the morning to get into his 7 a.m. class. He tells me over that very soft voice how miserable his evening is and how forced he was to do a choice he did not choose for himself. He rants about how tired he is to do his usual routines that do not include either his family or . . . me.


Who’s to blame?


I am. I made that choice for him because of the belief that it was for our own good. I then realized that it is now the other way around.


It was the last month of high school when he kept on asking me what would be my plans for college. Who has the idea? I was young and fair and sick because of stress. Who would have thought I was in the right mind to make a decision? Well, maybe he did. I told him I was about to take my college on a very far land; an hour plane travel from the city. It was my homeland and I had no plans of coming back. That was the plan. So, he chose the university he likes in which located at the other huge city – a three and a half bus ride.


But I lied.


As soon as he enrolled, I flipped a flier on my father’s office table and said “I want to take up accountancy”. He asked me where would I wish to study and I answered him “There. At the university a few blocks away from here”


Of course, there were a lot of violent reactions after he heard the news. In a very nice tone of voice, he told me that I should have mentioned my plan of staying in the city so he could have also considered the thought of not going.


Yet that was my point. I want him to go. I want him to do what he wants in life. I want him to step out of his safe place and discover how remarkable the world away from this city.


I was the martyr one, I wanted him to stay. But I wanted him to be happy. I was unsure about the relationship we have during that time. We were nothing nor committed. We were something. The result of that doubt, as I have understood, has led us to this unnerving long distance relationship.


  1. The Distance


One mile, an hour ride, an overnight drive, a costly travel, a few blocks from here, just next door, how far can it be? For some, distance doesn’t matter, yet ask those who long to just at least feel the presence of the one they love, they may say, that it may cost them their lives.


How does it feel to look at your love ones’ eyes and scrutinize how the color changes when the rush of adrenaline fills their insides? How does it feel to hold their hand and predict beforehand how warm or cold those delicate fingers would be? How does it feel to be on someone’s shoulder when your world crash into tiny pieces because of a result in one exam? How does it feel to hear that velvet voice that could ease a war for a second?


I really didn’t know.


All I had was I to hug, to comfort and to speak with. I was just being contested with text messages that I still have no idea how could have I settled for just to appease every aggressive emotions forming. By that point, I realized that even the most valuable person can still do nothing in spite of the effort they may somehow extend. I learned to depend on my own self instead, stand with head up high and do things all by myself.


That what distance has done to me.


College was not an easy task. Making new friends has never been my habit. Unfortunately, almost all of the things about college suck. From a change in culture, new standards, new professors, new places and new problems, I have never imagined that could be survived by the old me.


Where was John in the picture? He’s with his own little trouble too. The first two years in college are our dark ages. Before, at times, when we’re both weary and tired and began to ask ourselves if what we had that time was worth trying for, I would just stay silent. That would be the time when I choose not to answer.




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LDR: Sweet As Chocolate

Who on earth doesn’t like chocolates?

Even the freaks in your neighborhood has a deep lavish of calming desire for these little brown sweethearts. Aside from the overwhelming little Jane over here, jumping up and down like a child out of Day Care, there is another reason why this day is filled with the unending inspiration of chocolates.

I am  happy kid, thanks to John. As I scribble this post, my fingers are well messed up by the choco goodness of his box of chocolates – delivered just few hours ago.

So, why am I squabbling so much about these lovely desserts? Not that chocolate companies gave a penny or two to entice you, readers, to take a quick visit at the local store and grab a bar; rather, I find chocolate as a good comparison of what John and I used to have – the controversial Long Distance Relationship (LDR).


  1. It is Expensive

Chocolate-LiquorDon’t get me wrong. Long Distance Relationships are costly but they are never expensive to the couples involved. What I am trying to express is how priceless LDR is.

At some point, you will be able to see yourself tearing your pockets out for bus tickets and phone bills just to give time to your partner. There is nothing wrong with that! However, it will not guarantee a quick access to everyone’s understanding.

Let them be.

Like chocolates, there has been no wrong time to eat and enjoy them. Like in love, every minute is perfect timing.

  1. Heart Friendly

valentines-chocolate-menstrual-blood-Japan-01According to science, cocoa – the main ingredient in chocolates – induces serotonin levels in the brain that portrays a feeling of being ‘in love’ in some levels. It draws more blood circulation that tends to induce the heart to pump faster; a typical experience when we’re in love.

LDR could exactly imitate the bodily reactions towards chocolates. Your chest will run a marathon thinking how you miss the other. The happy chemicals in your body would create a sense of satisfaction while when you are with your partner after a long time of fixation under the umbrella of distance . . . blah, blah, blah. Leave it to science!

Do not overcomplicate everything. If you are in love, it is always heart friendly. It’s like giving your heart its daily workout to lose some hurt, frustration, anger and . . . . FATS.


  1. Only the Passionate Appreciates

7090216_origMany couples ask, “How to make LDR work?”

There is no definite secret in surviving LDR. A chocolate lover would appreciate every type of chocolate in his hand. An average sweet eater would just look at them like another bunch of sugar to savor. There is a huge difference between to those who are worthy and not.

LDR are only for the special people who could see the beauty of distance between their love. It will always be hard, hurtful and uncertain. Meanwhile, it is an assurance that the passionates could look through the light behind the shadows unlike those who can only see a bar of sugar in a perfect chocolate treat.


  1. Most Enjoyed When Alone

Is-Chocolate-SaladRemember the time when you have to close your eyes to taste the whole thing?

The same thing goes with chocolates. It is good to be shared, but rather more enjoyed when eaten alone. With the silence of the world around you, every sense in your body draw its focus on a little delicacy that delivers the whole universe in an unexpected burst.

Same in love. You will never know what you have until they are not in your reach anymore. The good thing about LDR is the fact that you still have that love, yet you just have to endure its space so you could literally see how much the worth of the relationship you have.

Most of the people in LDR would understand that no love could be stronger than those tested in fire. On the day two hearts unite again, the world has no right to question what these people share anymore.


No one may tell who was the person who started the trend of giving out chocolates as love gifts, or how in the world it spread as a customary act of courtship, or how it could lift someone’s mood from a bad day.

The answer is indirect but simple. Like how LDR works, no one can really explain what has brought you to that set-up. But one thing is for sure, like chocolate, the hell we care. As long as it tastes good, feels good and seems right, there can be no bad timing to take a one real big bite!



LO……………VE (LDR)


A mile?


A city?


A country?


A planet?



Whatever how far your other half may be, as long as the presence of love is as cold as the gust of dawn, it is considered as the sucking distance between love.

Let us face it. There is a new trend which everyone finds adorable when it comes to relationship – LDR or the famous Long Distance Relationship, as they call it.

The songs have it, the social media posts are flooded, even in the silence, the concept of the whole love set-up is prevalent.

The cliché has it, always people who do not understand would rather trade places. For us, either place doesn’t make anything better. Before you jump then fall, better yet watch out which of the following you are about to fall.



  1. Empty Seats

You may not be able to notice it during the first months of the relationship, however it is a guarantee that these empty seats beside you are harmless spaces that could draw the eye of the green monsters towards the other lovers in the room. John and I share a mutual remorse over empty seats – that either of us shall fill to keep the other as company.


Not just that, these empty seats are there for huge events, momentous moments and significant life changing activities in your life. As much as you would like your other half to be there, you can scream out loud but the distance shuts his or her ears up like a little bitch.



  1. Late Night Phone Call

No one ever mentioned that LDR is twice as costly as having an actual lover by your side. When I mention costly, I mean incredibly unnecessary expense that rip my veins open by frustration and broken piggy bank.

For my case, I pay my own phone bills. Of course, it is a must that we constantly communicate or else we will lose it. The key to an everlasting relationship is an open communication and honesty no matter how costly it could be.

Plus, not only that, aside from the fact that my pockets are emptied neatly, the dark circles under my eyes are product of an 3 am laughing at the other line.

It is stressful, yes. No matter how you hate it, still you’d find a way to love it. That is, because I love John.



  1. Cancelled Dates

Who the hell has the control over everything? The couples who suck most in setting plans are those with a thousand miles away of distance that tears their planner into bits of sheets.


I would really love to know John more for the past years, especially when he stays in another city for his college. We set a day to meet, schedule our productive activities beforehand, then gather as much confidence like always is our first day.


There are thousands of days available for rain, stiff schedule, immediate meeting or family gathering but I assure you, (in the hands of an unknown monster!) these are all set on the day he is supposedly to meet me. Its sucks, yes. Did I get mad? You are free to ask him.



  1. Valentines? February 15!

Who am I to demand? I am just a girlfriend.


Obviously, there is no justice wit this type of stigma. I would yell, “What the hell! I am a girlfriend. I deserve some flowers on Valentine’s Day.” But hey, you choose and accepted from the very start to support him all the way no matter what.


I am telling you, dear reader, Christmas Days will not always be on the 25th. It is usually a week advance or on January. As long as the gifts are there and the telephones are working, you can never complain.



  1. The Competitors

I must be fair, I did not suffer the atmosphere of “competition” unlike John. You cannot blame every guy cares for a girl who eats alone in the cafeteria. Like I always say, jealousy is a double-edged sword. He was jealous, I was mad.

A jealous guy is cute if it is done appropriately. But in LDR, there is a communication barrier that could make silence more than a fire in the bush that could blaze up another issue each minute the other line suppresses a word. Seriously, is not a fine art to see.

Hurt. Cries. Anger.

All of these three are nothing but a laughing stock today.



Long Distance Relationship is a tough choice especially when you have not been given options at all. My advice is, if you cannot handle even the smallest common complaints in a relationship, you can never be ready for the big league. LDR is a multinational basketball association that legalizes boxing in the court. Literally, it is off the book.

If you happen to be standing at the moment at the edge of the brink, you shall ask yourself if love is enough to make you stay.

Love is not a choice. It is a wonderful gift of destiny you have to experience. However, staying in love is.






IN LOVE??? Lesson Number 1

I’m not a love expert, Cupid, or Mister Valentine. Everything I will say is based on experience; basically not from self-help books or websites (which I browse when the need arises).

We’ve been together for quite a long time, and the time spent together surely brought us lessons to be learned, especially when in a relationship.

IN LOVE, we need to support each other no matter what.

Yes, supportive boyfriends and girlfriends are a must in a relationship. Both must understand and support each other, so that both will grow and be better in the relationship.

I can say that my super loving girlfriend, Jane (she wants this alias so I have to support her by typing that name), is a very supportive girlfriend. She supported me all the way in my journey in life and has always been there for me no matter what.

She supported my decision to go to a college in a different city, quite far from our place. Though it was hard for the both of us, she still agreed and gave me the freedom to pursue my dreams there. She knew that it would be for the best, and I guess all her sacrifices are worth it. We both graduated on the same year, and we are very happy of what we have accomplished.

For five years of being in an LDR (Long Distance Relationship), we have managed to survive and stay in great love with each other. All of it was because of her support, trust, and for believing in me.

I must say that having a supportive girlfriend in a relationship will make you a better person… way better than what you expect yourself to be. They see all your potentials, even if you can’t see it for yourself. Jane is my strength and my driving force for me to become a better person. Because of her support, I become who I am today. Better and improved version of John.

She makes me better, because she supports me in all I do in life. In love, couples need to support each other to bring out the best of them.

– John